Southerndreams - Wildlife PhotographyI’m a professional Field Guide, a Lion Warrior, and a Wanna-Be-Semi-Professional-Photographer. My husband Fred and I immigrated from Germany to South Africa in 2008 and we were lucky to be able to travel the continent for 3 years in 3 long and many short trips. In 2012 we finally settled down in the Cape Town area and started to work again, but were always able to escape to the bush twice a year. Only from 2008 to 2012 we traveled about 150.000 km in our first ever 4×4 vehicle, a Mitsubishi Pajero. More about us …..

From all our journeys I have hundreds and thousands of pictures. While my focus was first on documenting our journeys, it moved more and more towards the wildlife photography. I don’t shoot in RAW, this would consume too much of my time, I don’t want to become this famous photographer, I want to TELL STORIES. Go to our blog ….

Southerndreams - Wildlife PhotographyFrom our first trip through Africa in 2008, that brought us in 9 weeks from Johannesburg via Botswana and Namibia to Cape Town in a rented 4×4, we fell in love with the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park. Since then, we’ve been to park about 16 or 17 times.

The animal that I’ve probably taken the most pictures, is the African Lion, a fascinating species, part of the BIG FIVE, which is sadly driven to a soon extinction. In 2018, only 20.000 wild Lions are still existing on Earth and only 7 countries are known to contain more than 1000 animals. Read more about the extinction of the Lion species …..

Please enjoy my pictures and stories. I’ve been taking pictures all over Africa in many countries of the continent. These 40 lion pictures are just a small fraction of my library. Anyone who may need an image for marketing purposes, please send me a message and will send it to you for free use in the best available resolution.

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