Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary

Collage from @Panthera Africa Sanctuary in Stanford

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is an environmentally friendly sanctuary for any captive-bred big cats, where they will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives. One of Panthera Africa’s main purposes is to be an educational platform where we create awareness about conditions big cats face in captivity, and how animal welfare and enrichment play a vital role in giving them the best captive life possible. One of only two true sanctuaries in the South African province Western Cape, where no cub petting, breeding or trading takes place. A blueprint of how a non-profit sanctuary, focusing on animal welfare, can become self-sufficient. Aiming aim to change all breeding facilities into sustainable ethical projects.

Panthera Sanctuary Stanford
A collage from @Panthera Africa Sanctuary Stanford

Panthera Africa believes in the connection between both environmental and wildlife conservation, and aims to become the first “green” big cat sanctuary in South Africa and run solely on solar energy.

Safeguarding the well-being of big cats isn’t just a profession for Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Nyquist, the two ladies behind Stanford’s new Panthera Africa sanctuary; it’s a calling. Both founders were bumbling along in business roles when they met the first feline loves of their lives through volunteer programmes, and the connection was so powerful and the urge to help so strong that they could do nothing but begin the journey that’s led them to the launch of this wildlife safe haven.

Why support Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary?

Because the centre, which was opened officially on Friday, 3 April 2015, was born from the flutterings of the heart, its intentions are pure and the health and happiness of the rescued creatures is held as the number one priority. For this reason, Panthera Africa (the name refers to a particular genus of big cat species) is not a commercial tourist destination; it’s a true sanctuary that aims to provide captive-born lions, Bengal tigers, leopards, caracals, black-backed jackals and more with the most fulfilling life possible, and thus no breeding or trading or petting will ever happen here.

Panthera White Lion
Panthera White Lion

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary’s Vision

A world where people, animals, and nature
are equally respected and acknowledged
through kindness, compassion, generosity and unconditional love

and Panthera’s Mission

Panthera Africa is a sanctuary for Big Cats and people. Panthera Africa creates secure, safe and prosperous homes for Captive Big Cats, raises awareness about ethical & holistic treatment.

  • educational visits and programs
  • volunteer program
  • educational and inspirational presentations
  • connecting people with themselves through being with animals and nature

Aside from caring for the felines though, the retreat is also heavily focussed on raising awareness. It educates visitors about the horrific conditions that captive cats often face in places like zoos and circuses in order to prevent other wild Lions from ending up in similar situations.

Panthera Sanctuary Oliver

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Educational Visit

Duration: 2 Hours
Price From: Adults R240. Children U 13y R150. Pensioners R190. Members & Families of 4+ qualify for a 10% discount. Summer – October – March @ 9am and/or 4pm (depending on availability) Winter – April –September @ 10am and/or 3pm (depending on availability)

Visit the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary where knowledgeable and passionate staff will educate you on interesting facts about the different species.

Sunset Visit

Duration: 2 Hours
Price From: R490 per person

There is really something really special for you this summer! Now you can visit the big cats at sunset. Come and enjoy the early evening with your family as the sun sets. See the cats come alive after a long day of rest!


Bookings and Enquiries – +27 71 1828368

Lioness at Panthera Sanctuary for big Cats in Standford
Lioness at the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary
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