This list has been compiled by the Lions4Lions Project. Lions4Lions is an ongoing project. We want to collect information about trustworthy organizations that research the Lion species, fight against Lion exploitation, care for captive Lions and that work on the reduction of Human-Lion conflicts. We try to feature each organizations step by step on this website. 

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African People & Wildlife
African People & Wildlife

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Laly Lichtenfeld & Charles Trout

Drakenstein Lion Park
Organisations worth to support
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Paul Hart Africa / Western Cape 
Panthera Africa Big Cats Sanctuary
Organisations worth to support
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Lizaene Cornwall & Cathrine S. Nyquist
South Africa / Western Cape 
Pride Lion Conservation Alliance

info@pridelionalliance.orgMocambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia 
The Pride Lion Conservation Alliance Members:   
Ruaha Carnivore ProjectOrganisations worth to support



Lion LandscapesLion researchALAYNE ORIOL-COTTERIL

info@lionlandscapes.orgLaikipia / Samburo Kenya Lower Zambezi /Luangwa Valley Zambia 
Niassa Carnivore Project   Organisations worth to supportCOLLEEN BEGG


ratel@iafrica.comMocambique / Niassa 
Ewaso LionsOrganisations worth to supportSHIVANI BHALLA


info@ewasolions.orgKenya, specially Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba 

info@lionguardians.orgKenya, Tanzania 
Kope LionlogoIngela Jansson

info@kopelion.orgNgorongoro Conservation Area / Ndutu 
Uganda Carnivore ProgramOrganisations worth to supportDr. Ludwig Siefert

Desert Lion ConservationDesert Lion Conservation Dr. Philip Standerwww.desertlion.info 
Blood LionsOrganisations worth to supportIan Michler

info@bloodlions.orgSouth Africa 
Campaign Against Canned HuntingOrganisations worth to supportChris Mercer

info@cannedlion.orgSouth Africa 
International Campaign Against Canned HuntingOrganisations worth to supportPhilip Pitout

International Campaign Against Canned Hunting ScotlandOrganisations worth to support

Born Free FoundationOrganisations worth to supportVirginia McKenna
Big Life FoundationBig Life FoundationNick Brandt Richard Bonham Tom Hill

Maasailand Preservation TrustRichard BonhamMerged with Big Life Foundation in 2012

WildCRU Project Lion BonesWildCru - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit 
WildCRU Lion Core ResearchWildCru - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit 
WildCRU Mitigating Human Predator conflict around Hwange National ParkWildCru - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit 
WildCRU Transboundary and landscape conservation of lionsWildCru - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit Botswana 
WildCRU Ruaha Carnivore ProjectWildCru - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit Tanzania 
National Geographic Big Cats InitiativeNational GeographicOrganisations worth to supportDereck and Beverly Joubert

 Southern, Western and Eastern Africa  
Panthera FoundationOrganisations worth to supportThomas S. Kaplan


info@panthera.orgAngola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Chad Gabon Kenya Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria South Africa Tanzania Zambia  Zimbabwe


Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park

LEO Africa – Volunteers for Wildlife and Conservation


Koos Niemann / Sabrina Colombo 
Lion Recovery FundOrganisations worth to support

Leonardo diCaprio Foundation & Wildlife Conservation Network, see underneath

info@wildnet.orgSenegal Benin  Ethiopia  Zambia  Uganda  Mozambique  Malawi  Zimbabwe    
Leonardo diCaprio FoundationOrganisations worth to supportLeonardo diCaprio

info@ldcfoundation.orgWorld Wide 
Wildlife Conservation Network Organisations worth to supportCharles Knowles   Rebecca Patton

info@wildnet.org37 countries 

African Parks list contains only parks that has Lions




Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Zambia



African Parks – AkageraAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – ChinkoAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – GarambaAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – Liuwa PlainAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – LiwondeAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – MajeteAfrican Parks logo.png 
African Parks – PendjariAfrican Parks logo.png 
Mara Predator ProjectLiving With Lions HomepageSara Blackburn was finished in 2016Kenya / Masai Mara 
LionAidLionAid - Lion Conservation, Preservation, Research, Raising Awareness, Ban Lion Hunting, Exposing Canned HuntingDr. Pieter Katt

info@lionaid.orgKenya      UNESCO * 
Uganda Conservation Foundationlogo

Greater Limpopo CarnivoresOrganisations worth to supportKris Everatt / Rae Kokes

greaterlimpopocarnivores@gmail.comMocambique / Greater Limpopo 
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